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AMPP APPS Available via the App Store

Select everything you need for your workflow from the AMPP app store. Accessible to all authorized users on your account, the AMPP app store provides a full overview and detailed explanation of all applications on AMPP.

  • Browse all released applications to configure the ideal system
  • Choose from the different release states available for each app
  • One-click install and approve
  • Subscription pricing and Pay-As-You-Go

Ready to dive deeper into the AMPP ecosystem? Use these links to explore:



Perfect for adjusting audio and video layering, AV Mux combines flows from different sources such as video, key and ANC data from one or many different streams in an AMPP system. Remap audio pairs, embed and de-embed audio channels, add and synchronize fill and key for graphics.

  • Assigns audio from one or more streams to specific output pairs
  • Remaps audio pairs from a source stream to any of the 8 pairs in the target stream
  • Applies individual audio offsets on each pair
  • The output of the MUX becomes a new source available in the fabric
  • Synchronizes fill and key from various sources


Audio Mix X is a high-performance audio solution for cloud-based live media production. Designed for audio professionals by audio professionals, the solution comes equipped with gain, full equalizer, compression, aux channels, pre-faders, subgroups and monitoring outputs. Easy mixing, grouping and mix-minus workflows adapt Audio Mix X to any kind of application.

Master Control Audio Mixer


AMPP Cleancut allows to assign up to 8 sources for clean switching between the sources. Clean cutting in the cloud is fundamental and can help simplify workflows in which a more sophisticated switcher is not needed.

Cleancut icon


Perform all the tasks of a video server. Easily load, play, stop and start, jog and shuttle, loop or trim clips. You can also change formats and run simple playback with a single click, making this tool an easy-to-use application for your production.

  • Supports a wide variety of formats and codecs
  • Reformats the video resolution to fit your target format
  • Converts between interlaced and progressive if needed
  • Tally indicator shows when the player is on air
  • Remote start option for triggering from Master Control
  • Multiple players can be included in the same control group to allow redundant operation


Easily compensate for any delay in your overall production or offset video and audio flows. Just route the signal you want to delay and add the delay time.

  • Delay single streams or entire live productions
  • Delay for as long as you like
  • Easy routing and configuration


Boosted with our innovative FlowMonitor technology, each GV AMPP Flow Monitor enables low-latency live streaming from anywhere to everyone. Give it to your producers, operators and customers and enable an unseen monitoring experience in the best quality.

Flow Monitor icon


The GV AMPP Graphics app makes it easy to add HTML5 graphics to your production. Just build your graphics and add the link to your application. You can access it across the entire system.

Graphics icon


GV AMPP supports all common local input and output formats including SMPTE ST 2110, NDI and SDI for easy connecting to your existing devices. Global inputs and outputs allow you to stream between different GV AMPP fabrics and lets you choose the best possible transport for low-latency and high-quality streaming. Supporting RIST, ICE and SRT, GV AMPP gives you a wide variety of profiles to fit your needs.

Input icon   Output icon


GV AMPP Master Control enables easy regionalization by driving multiple outputs from a single user interface and with only one M/E, up to 16 different language and/or branding feeds can be produced. GV AMPP Master Control supports HTML5 graphics and allows a simplified on-air feed selection along with an automatic graphics trigger.

Master Control icon


Available with either 4 or 8 inputs, the GV AMPP Mini Mixer is a great solution for small productions or pre-switching in a larger production. Cut or mix inputs with 5 different transition effects and different durations.

  • 4 or 8 inputs
  • 5 transition types
  • Slow, Medium and Fast transitions
  • Integrated tally
  • Easy channel assignment



The GV AMPP Multiviewer is a fully customizable multiviewer that allows you to create different layouts with a single click. Sources can be switched in seconds and the multiviewer editor enables you to create layouts in minutes. The GV AMPP Multiviewer also supports multiple formats. AMPP Multiviewer in combination with Flow monitor allows for everyone to view all signals for the production. Distribute anywhere.

Multiviewer icon


Get fast access to video production elements such as graphics, bumpers and stingers with the GV AMPP RAM Recorder/Player. Trigger Playback of a number of sources to be used with a production switcher during a live production. The RAM Recorder/Player is limited to clip durations of 10 seconds maximum.




Record any input stream in your system with just a few mouse clicks. Choose from a wide variety of profiles and formats and stream to a local disk or S3 bucket.

Recorders icon


Connect HD video signals between local PCs and the AMPP system with the Transport Stream application. Inputs or outputs on a Mellanox Connect-X5 or Connect-X6 card provide transport stream connectivity using SMPTE ST 2022-2 protocol with MPEG-2 compression.

  • Monitor the stream using a preview panel that displays the input stream as periodically updated thumbnails
  • Supports 3G, HD, SD
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Easy configuration
  • Supports 2022-7 redundancy
  • Supports AMWA IS-04/05 NMOS discovery and registration

Note: This Application has no ARQ error-control mechanism for data transmission.


Contribute video and audio to an AMPP production from the webcam of a local PC using low-latency enhanced WebRTC streaming. Webcapture provides high quality low latency video contribution with specific attention to audio lip sync and video frame rate conversion. It also features the ability to screen share from the local desktop. The receiver and a sender provide all control needed for a live contribution and a built in FlowMonitor displays the return video signal.

  • High quality and low-latency video and audio contribution
  • Enhanced Lip-Sync
  • Enhanced Frame rate conversion
  • Screen share option
  • Built-In FlowMonitor for return signals