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IP WORKFLOWS Making the most from IP's inherent benefits

GV IP Workflow 4k Overview Video

Everybody is talking about IP these days, so what's all the fuss about? And what does it mean in different media and broadcast environments? See how we can help you make the switch to IP, at a pace that suits you.

Keys Drivers in today’s cost-conscious Media Industry

As never before Broadcast and Media organizations are under pressure to justify capital expenditure and optimize workflows. Greater business efficiencies and enhanced ROI are driving a desire for:

  • Easy scalability to unlock more revenue streams, services and distributed resources
  • Flexible utilization, deployment and management of resources
  • Agile methods for changing functionality as business needs change
  • Software defined generic hardware platforms and COTS based equipment
  • Pay-as-you-go and/or flexible ‘on-off’ licensing models

Moving to an IP infrastructure is a prerequisite, but the above demand solutions based not just on software-defined resources, but their dynamic deployment, orchestration and management. They must also need to manage the complexity inherently associated with the step change in flexibility.




As one of the media industry’s most trusted providers, Grass Valley continues to lead and innovate with dynamic solutions for distributed IP networks.

Right from the early days, GV established a blueprint for its Dynamic IP architecture


Grass Valley IP has been designed from the ground up to capitalize on IP’s real benefits.

It’s core concept comprises four key pillars defined as Infrastructure Management, Device Management and Software Processing all deployed and managed using GV Orbit Dynamic Orchestration software.

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Grass Valley is the only glass-to-glass provider of IP enabled products with the widest portfolio of devices based on open architecture methodologies.

As a founding member of AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions), Grass Valley is helping drive industry-wide adoption of open standards-based IP as the only framework that ensures vendor interoperability now and into the future.


News and Resources

All Mobile Video

All Mobile Video

Grass Valley's Steve Stubelt (VP Sales for North America and South America) speaks to Eric Duke (President, All Mobile Video) and Lee Blanco (Director of Engineering, All Mobile Video) about their new IP Truck - ECLIPSE

BBC Wales

BBC Wales

BBC Turns to Grass Valley for Integrated IP Solutions in its New Welsh Headquarters

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IP Solutions Brochure

IP Solutions Brochure Thumbnail BR-PUB-2-0941A-ENThe industry is now embracing (and enjoying) many of the benefits of IP, such as a data-agnostic transport layer, ultra-high bandwidth, huge scalability and fiber connectivity. IP has enabled opportunities for greater resource sharing, thereby rationalizing workflows, yielding better economics and increased flexibility.

Right from the early days, Grass Valley established a blueprint for its IP architecture. As one of the media industry's most trusted vendors, Grass Valley continues to innovate with dynamic solutions for distributed IP networks.

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Leading the IP Migration Worldwide

Map of installationsGrass Valley has been assisting the world’s largest Broadcast and Media organizations with IP migration since 2014.

With numerous deployments in every continent (except Antarctica!) our IP systems and devices form the core infrastructure for studios, control rooms, OBs, fly-pack systems and more.

Our Global IP Footprint - Over 100 major deployments

A Customer's Perspective

Timeline TV - UHD3 OB Truck


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