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GV Gaming & Polling

The Next Generation of Participation TV

Grass Valley is excited to launch GV Gaming and Polling suites to deliver gaming and polling solutions to our users, with solutions focused at different market segments from local, through regional and national/enterprise scale. These new solutions deliver real-time gaming and polling solutions on TV, second screen, social and mobile platforms.

Broadcast has always been a one-way communication to the viewer. With GV Gaming and Polling, users can interactively engage with their viewers to create a real-time dialogue within their live programming. Viewers become part of the program, not passive watchers.

GV Gaming & Polling is a cloud-based live gaming and polling platform....


Web Enabled Voting

  • Real-time voting via web. This can be done by embedding a snippet of code within a CMS or a redirect (for example:

SMS & IVR Voting

  • Viewers have the option to text a response regarding a pre-determined pool of answers (for example, a viewer may text 1 for yes, 2 for no, or 3 for maybe)
  • Viewers can call in to a phone line to vote. GV Gaming & Polling Platform provides a pre-recorded options menu, or broadcasters have the ability to record their own message

Social Media Voting

  • Facebook — Viewers can vote on the broadcaster’s Facebook page through a simple click-to-vote post
  • Twitter — Viewers can vote through Twitter by using a hashtag or Twitter’s native poll

Real-Time Graphic Generation (HTML5)

  • Viewers are able to cast their vote via mobile web browser with HTML5 templates.

Gamification/Second Screen

  • With HTML5 second screen interactivity, media companies can engage and gamify their content while collecting real-time data that helps them understand their audiences and adapt in real time

Sentiment Voting

  • GV Gaming & Polling enables broadcasters to collect viewer sentiment through an HTML5 Dial. Viewers can use the HTML5 Dial within any mobile touchscreen device and vote by simply moving the dial left or right. Results are used to register sentiment over time and can be coupled with multidimensional analytics such as gender, age, etc.
  • The HTML5 Dial provides the user with the ability to submit a more detailed response than traditional buttons allow

Contests & Sweepstakes

  • GV Gaming & Polling contest portal allows customers to launch promotions through sweepstakes, contests, trivia, and games to grow a social audience, engage consumers and drive sales

Photo & Video Upload (UGC)

  • GV Gaming & Polling-powered campaigns can include sponsored contests or giveaways from top-tier brands and offer the ability to collect users’ photos, videos and other user-generated content (with moderation tools)


  • GV Gaming & Polling facilitates data collection from campaigns and allows customers to compare data between current and past campaigns

CMS Integration

  • Viewers can vote on the broadcaster’s website through web-enabled smart widgets. Once added to the site’s CMS, the widgets are fully controlled within GV Gaming & Polling dashboard (automated)


GV Gaming & Polling solutions are available as monthly subscriptions with an initial setup fee. Setup includes the creation of the custom templates based on the expected complexity of each package level, limited by a maximum number if configuration hours.

All packages subscriptions are subject to monthly billing, a 12-month minimum contract and require a minimum termination period of 90 days.

The following feature grid explains the capabilities of the GV Gaming & Polling solutions:

Feature GV Polling
Regional Package
GV Polling
National Package
GV Polling
Unlimited Package
GV Gaming
Real-Time Voting Yes Yes Yes N/A  
Real-Time Surveys Yes Yes Yes N/A  
Gaming Package N/A Optional Yes Yes Gaming package standalone or with Polling at National or Unlimited levels only
Number of Custom Templates 2 4 8 4  
More Custom Templates? Upgrade to National Package Upgrade to Unlimited Package N/A N/A  
SMS/IVR Voting Enabled Yes Yes Yes No  
Customer IVR Voice Setup N/A Yes Yes No IVR Package only supported on Polling solution at National level and above
Toll-free Numbers (US) Yes Yes Yes No  
Facebook Polling Yes Yes Yes No  
Twitter Polling Yes Yes Yes No  
On-air Graphics Yes Yes Yes Yes Support for VizRT, Chyron, Ross, Grass Valley, HTML5
Support During business hours During and after business hours During and after business hours During and after business hours  
Number of Customization Hours Included 5 hours 20 hours 120 hours 20 hours  
Number of Concurrent Users Included 500 5,000 Unlimited 5,000  

Additional (optional) features below. Please note, these can be added in multiples, to the level required by the customer application.

  • Add additional 1,000 concurrent users (per month), charged per 1,000 additional users (N/A on GV Polling Unlimited)
  • Add additional 10,000 inbound SMS messages — GV Polling Regional and National Packages only, unlimited messages included with GV Polling Unlimited
  • Add additional 10,000 outbound SMS messages — GV Polling Regional, National and Unlimited
  • IVR (Per 10,000 minutes) — GV Polling Regional, National and Unlimited
  • Hourly rate for customization. In addition to setup packages. Not to be used as bespoke alternative charging



GV Gaming & Polling

GV Gaming & Polling from Grass Valley is a cloud-based live polling and gaming platform. This innovative participation television technology allows newscasters and audiences to interact in real time via live polling and feedback. Interactive television polling makes it possible for viewers to express their opinions and affect the program being watched through real-time voting shown on screen.



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