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Kula AV Production Switcher

1 M/E HD Production Switcher

Kula AV is a powerful, multiformat all-in-one system that mixes SDI video (with or without embedded audio) and AES digital audio, and has built-in multiviewer capability. Designed to support the needs of smaller operations, this compact system allows a single operator to have everything they need at their fingertips for compelling corporate, house of worship, and small venue productions such as sports, events, conferences and education.

In addition to Kula’s recognized 1080p production switcher performance, the Kula AV simplifies configuration and control with Grass Valley’s FormatFusion3 technology, which auto-senses and seamlessly converts any combination of SD, HD and 1080p to...


  • 2 rack units
  • 40 video inputs 
  • 12 assignable video outputs
  • 2 BNCs configurable as an input or output enables I/O range from 42x12 to 40x14
  • Mix/Effect supports:
    • Four full effects keyers with lin/luma
    • Four assignable 2D DVE engines (will give eight independent boxes)
    • Chromakeys available on all keys
    • Transition keyer (Mav Trans) with dedicated ClipStores for key & fill
    • Mask generator per keyer
    • Separate wipe generator
    • Matte generator
  • Large internal ClipStore with 10 outputs holding uncompressed video and audio content that is totally routable
  • Eight channels of FormatFusion3 assignable to any input or output
  • Optional FormatFusion4 upgrade enabling eight channels of FormatFusion4 assignable to any input or output
  • Four floating resizable downstream keyers
  • Internal multiviewer with four heads and 12 tiles available
  • 1 M/E control panel with 16 crosspoints and clear OLEDs
  • RGB pushbuttons and shaft encoders for quick and granular control, sophisticated macro recall and edit capability
  • Clearly labeled control panel with separate mnemonics for source, key and macro names, instant delegation buttons for macros or key and aux bus control
  • T-bar with direction strip indicators
  • Swift broadcast graphics from RT Software are bundled with Kula AV to provide an intuitive creative tool for text, clocks, tickers/crawls, tables and video/clip handling
  • 80 input x 56 output audio mixer. Audio functionality includes embed/de-embedding, routing with clean & quiet audio switching and audio-follow-video mode for simplified control
  • 128 channels of MADI input across 2 BNC inputs, 2x 16 channels of MADI audio selectable at any one time
  • Mav Audio Fader works with the internal audio mixer allowing control of audio channels with eight motorized faders; the Mav Audio Fader works with memories as well


Kula Mainframe

2.97 Gb/s Video Standards (1080p):
  • 1080p 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 424
  • 1080p 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 425/Level A
  • 1080p 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 425/Level B
  • 1080p 50 Hz SMPTE ST 424
  • 1080p 50 Hz SMPTE ST 425/Level A
  • 1080p 50 Hz SMPTE ST 425/Level B
1.485 Gb/s Video Standards (HD):
  • 1080i 60 Hz SMPTE ST 274(4)/292(D)
  • 1080i 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 274(5)/292(E)
  • 1080i 50 Hz SMPTE ST 274(6)/292(F)
  • 1035i 60 Hz SMPTE ST 260/292(A)
  • 1035i 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 260/292(B)
  • 1080p 30 Hz sF
  • 1080p 29.97 Hz sF
  • 1080p 25 Hz sF
  • 1080p 24 Hz sF
  • 1080p 23.976 Hz sF
  • 1080p 30 Hz SMPTE ST 274(7)/292(G)
  • 1080p 29.97 Hz SMPTE ST 274(8)/292(H)
  • 1080p 25 Hz SMPTE ST 274(9)/292(I)
  • 1080p 24 Hz SMPTE ST 274(10)/292(J)
  • 1080p 23.976 Hz SMPTE ST 274(11)/292(K)
  • 720p 60 Hz SMPTE ST 296(1)/292(L)
  • 720p 59.94 Hz SMPTE ST 296(2)/292(M)
  • 720p 50 Hz SMPTE ST 296(2)/292(M)
270 Mb/s Video Standards (SD):
  • 576i 16:9
  • 576i 4:3
  • 480i 16:9
  • 480i 4:3
Audio Connections

4x AES stereo inputs

4x AES stereo outputs

128x MADI channels across 2x BNC inputs

Video Signal Inputs

40 inputs (270 Mb/s / 1.485 Gb/s / 2.97 Gb/s)

2 BNCs configurable as an input or output

Serial digital interface as REC601/SMPTE ST 292/SMPTE ST 424 via BNC connectors

Video Signal Outputs

12 assignable outputs assignable via BNC connectors 2 BNCs configurable as an input or output


Analog genlock high-definition tri-level syncs signal or SD 1V B and B

Genlock reference 1 off analog sync via BNC connector

Control Interfaces

44 GPI Tally/GPO outputs assignable GPI/GPO isolated contact closures via 2x 25-way D-type. Assignable as GPI or GPO

1x 25-way D-type AES audio

10/100/1000base-T via 3x RJ45 Ethernet connectors

4 RS-422 control ports

2x USB 3


Kula AV mainframe: Auto sensing 100-250

VAC power supply 50/60 Hz nominal. Two fully independent hot-swappable PSU modules, with separate mains power feeds via 2x 13A

IEC - 320-C14 socket

Power consumption: <400W

Temp range: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F) non-condensing operating

Mainframe Mechanics

2 rack units

Height: 87 mm (3.42 in.)

Depth: 604.8 mm (23.81 in.)

Weight: Approx. 14 kg (30.3 lbs.)

Kula Control 1 M/E Panel

Surface or Rackmountable

Width: 482.6 mm (19 in.)

Depth: 221.5 mm (8.72 in.)

Height: 87.9 mm (3.46 in.) (146.5 mm (5.79 in.) total height including T-Bar)


Mainframe communications:

  • 2x 16 10/100/1000base-T
  • 3x RJ45 Ethernet connectors

Internal panel connection: 2x RJ45 Ethernet connectors. Connection to other MAV modules
NOTE: Ethernet connections, must be direct to MAV modules. Do not use network switches or hubs. CAT5 or above cables – crossover cables are not suitable

2x USB 2 ports

1x monitor connection to local touchscreen


2x fully independent external PSU modules with separate mains power feeds via 2x 10A IEC leads

Output from each PSU 12V DC 100W via Kycon KPPX 4-pin or compatible connectors to the KPP control surface

Two supplied as standard, one PSU provides dual redundancy

Mav Audio Fader

Width: 160 mm (6.29 in.)

Depth: 140mm (5.15 in.)


1x RJ45 Ethernet connectors

Internal panel connection: 1x RJ45 Ethernet connectors. Connec­tion to Kula Panel
NOTE: Ethernet connection, must be direct to Kula panel. Do not use network switches or hubs. CAT5 or above cables – crossover cables are not suitable


(POME) Power over Maverik Ethernet


160 mm MavRowFrame Kit

Width: 214 mm (8.41 in.)

Depth: 140 mm (5.15 in.)

Includes MAVROW Ears Pair

Optional 19” rackmount kit available for MAV-AUDIO-FADER


RT Software Connections

Customer-supplied PC requires network cable for connection to Kula AV
Note: PC supplied by customer, 1-year RT Software license included


1 M/E Kula AV 3G System

1 M/E 16 crosspoint 19” panel, 2 RU 3G-SDI mainframe with 1 M/E. Mav Audio Fader panel and RT Software license for Kula AV mainframe



Kula AV

Kula AV is an “All in One” production switcher designed for the professional broadcast and AV markets. Along with a powerful production switcher feature set in a compact system, the Kula AV includes internal audio mixer functionality.



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