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Playout X

Flexible, Scalable, Cloud-first Playout Solution

Playout X is a broadcast-grade solution for schedule-driven playout, building on Grass Valley’s rich heritage of playout and automation — relied on by thousands of channels around the globe to deliver their content every day. Playout X is built on the GV AMPP Platform, enabling flexible deployment of playout channels to meet the modern challenges of diverse media delivery and consumption.

The key principles of AMPP are the very definition of “edge computing,” taking advantage of massively scalable cloud-native technologies. Using highly efficient microservices architecture and processing techniques, high-density channel deployments can be achieved with...


  • Live Inputs:
    • Uncompressed: SDI, SMPTE ST 2110 with -7 redundancy
    • Compressed: SMPTE ST 2022-2, SRT, RIST, NDI, RTMP
  • Unlimited Outputs:
    • Uncompressed: SDI, SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2022-6
    • Compressed: SMPTE ST 2022-2, SRT, RIST, NDI, RTMP
  • SD, HD, UHD and HDR support with up/down/cross conversion
  • Integrate with routing systems using NMOS IS-04 discovery and IS-05 connection management protocols for 2110 or NP17 & SW-P-08 for SDI routing
  • Use NDI discovery, internal AMPP Fabric routing or AMPP Global routing
  • Mixer transition effects


  • Support for up to 64 audio pairs per channel
  • Multi-language/track shuffling and substitution
  • Audio description/described video
  • Dolby D, D+ and E support with up/down mix and pass-through
  • Integrated audio loudness correction (ALC)
  • Kantar and Nielsen (including Numeris) audio watermarking, with support for multiple profiles


Ancillary Data
  • SCTE 104/35 Support:
    • Act on or insert SCTE 104/35 messages with splice inserts, time signaling and segmentation metadata
  • X31 Insertion
  • AFD and ARC
  • XDS and VCHIP
  • Multilingual closed captions/subtitles:
    • 608/708 and WST/OP42/OP47
    • Open captions/subtitles
    • DVB bitmap and SCTE-27 subtitles


  • Native logos and DVE
  • Integrated support for HTML5 graphics rendering including crawls/tickers
  • NDI fill and key input
  • Operational focused UIs:
    • Network overview, schedule control, offline schedule building, “events UI” break management
  • Advanced schedule manipulation and monitoring tools
  • Commercial minutage counters
  • Over and underrun alerts
  • Multiple timers and clocks
  • Multichannel and gang controls
  • User customizable interfaces using GV.UI
  • Assignable user rights, including “read-only” views


  • Integrated Framelight X for playout asset management:
    • Register images, audio, video and subtitle assets
    • QC with generated proxies
    • Clip editing and easy soft-segmentation
    • Federated search and drag and drop to playout
  • Secondary record, with configurable take-off points
    • Registers in Framelight X to supports growing file workflows
  • Simple and complex delay channels
  • Regional channels
  • Schedules API
  • Missing material API
  • AsRun API


  • Flexible redundancy with 1+1, N+1, N+M
  • Hybrid channel deployment support



Please contact your Grass Valley sales representative for more details.



Playout X

Playout X is a cloud-first, flexible, scalable playout solution built using Grass Valley's Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP) technology and targeted at temporary, special event channels




FEED Magazine’s winter issue discusses GV AMPP Playout with Neil Maycock.
Please see the online version of the article. "Making a Play(Out) for Cloud," here, on pages 18-21.

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