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MV-831 For S830

Integrated Multiviewer and Optional Desktop Software

The MV-831 multiviewer benefits from world-class image processing and scaling that provides an unmatched feature set and unique independent output routing facility, as well as input H.264 source streaming and unlimited output expansion capability with the MV-800-DT.


  • Superior density 48 multiviewer inputs to 12 multiviewer outputs:
    • 4 standard outputs
    • 5-12 optional license
  • 24 router inputs and outputs per card – the MV-831 uses two routing slots while maintaining 24 routing inputs and 24 routing outputs
  • World-class image processing and scaling
  • Up to 32 channels of audio metering per source
  • Internal and external UMD and tally support
  • Clock and timers
  • Unique H.264 input source streaming
  • Unlimited desktop multiviewer output expansion capability
  • Integrated control and monitoring of system-wide external devices as well as internal video and audio sources
  • Full audio, video and metadata alarm support
  • Multiple display wall control
  • SDI and fiber output options
  • Mix HD, 3G & 4K UHD sources on HD, 3G and 4K UHD displays simultaneously
  • AFD/WSS auto support
  • Full RollCall integration
  • Maximum 12 MV-831 modules per Sirius 830
  • Additional multiviewer capability can be added using the MV-800 populated in the dedicated multiviewer slots of the frame


Inputs – 48 (from router)
  • SD 525/59.94 & 625/50
  • HD 720p (50, 59.94, 60 frames)
  • HD 1080i (25, 29.97 & 30 frames)
  • 3G 1080p (50, 59.94 & 60 frames)
  • 4K UHD quad link (uses 4 inputs per 4K UHD source)
  • IP support via Sirius 800 IP router inputs



4 video outputs (coax or fiber) (upgradeable to 12):

  • 4K UHD, 3G 1080p (50, 59.94 & 60 frames, locked to reference)
  • Video delay – 3 fields interlaced, 3 frames progressive

Quad link 4K UHD output support

48 inputs encoded as H.264 IP output streams

24 router inputs and 24 router outputs providing true source and destination monitoring: router outputs mapped 1:1 to multiviewer inputs

On-screen Monitoring

Fully flexible layouts: any object can be any size, in any position (48 scalers any scaled source can be duplicated in any position on any output)

  • Up to 16 audio channels per video signal
  • Bars outside or overlaid on picture
  • Audio meter scales on/off

Adjustable layering and transparency of objects over video or other objects or background video

Display up to 48 tiles on a single screen, plus additional tiles for clocks and tallies:

  • Programmable color & alarm thresholds

WSS/AFD flags to auto adjust aspect ratio of images within a video tile audio:

  • Metadata & control

Metering of AES embedded audio, VU, extended VU, DIN, BBC, Nordic scales including DolbyE:

  • Closed caption & subtitle detection
  • UMD source names via:
    • Grass Valley general remote protocol
    • SW-P-08 over IP
    • TSL v3 or v5 protocol over IP


Alarm Notifications

Border alarm

In-picture message

SNMP, via RollCall

Manufacturers protocol

Master GPO

Video alarms

Video black

Video frozen

Loss of video

Loss of CC

Loss of VITC data

Audio Alarms

Audio over level

Audio under level/loss

Loss of embedded channels


Status Indicators

Input standard

CC standard

Source ID

V-Chip status

Additional Alarms

Test boxes

Alarm Control

Configurable alarms threshold and trigger delays:

  • Alarm acknowledge from hard and soft panels via RollCall interface

Alarm acknowledge/clear/previous fault indication (border color or tally alarm box):

  • Alarm auto-clear after preset delay


Ordered with a Router

When ordered as part of a Sirius 800 system, the part number for the system will include the necessary MV-8 parts.

Ordered as Individual Parts

When ordered as separate parts, the order codes shown are needed to build a complete system.

Order Quantities

Maximum modules per router frame:
Sirius 830: 12 modules


MV-831 Integrated Multiviewer Module, including 4 output license
Additional licenses required to enable outputs 5-12. Maximum of 12 cards per frame


MV-830 Multiviewer Rear Panel
With SFP output cages which will accept coaxial (HD-BNC) or fiber SFP modules. SFP ordered separately. Module includes 24 router inputs and 24 router outputs HD-BNC
MV-830-RP is for use with MV-830 and MV-831


License upgrade to enable outputs 5 & 6
SFP ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 7 & 8
SFP ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 9 & 10
SFP ordered separately


License upgrade to enable outputs 11 & 12
SFP ordered separately


Dual output HD-BNC coaxial SFP module


Dual output fiber SFP module (1310 nm single mode LC/PC)


License-ebabled option for H.264 streaming of multiviewer inputs



MV-8 Series Router Integrated Multiviewers

The MV-8 series includes the MV-801, MV-831, MV-841 and MV-851 card options for the Sirius 800 series of enterprise-grade routers. These integrated multiviewers benefit from world-class image processing and scaling that provides an unmatched feature set and unique independent output routing facility, as well as input source streaming and unlimited output expansion capability with the license-enabled MV-8xx-H264 option.



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