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ORCHESTRATION & ROUTING Switch and manage all your signals without compromise

Routing and Orchestration

For decades, Grass Valley Routing and Orchestration solutions have been among the media industry’s leading contributors to core facility infrastructure from small television stations to the world’s largest facilities.

Much of the highest-profile, highest-quality, media content in the world flows through Grass Valley routers and is controlled and monitored by Grass Valley orchestration products.

From compact routers needing no separate control system to the largest multi-frame SDI matrices and IP-based topologies on the planet, Grass Valley offers compelling routing, control, configuration, and monitoring solutions. Like our routers, Grass Valley orchestration products scale from simple SDI to massive hybrid SDI/IP deployments. Grass Valley Orchestration solutions enjoy a legacy dating back as far as our routing solutions. After more than 60 years, Grass Valley remains an industry leader in routing and orchestration.


Sirius 800 Series