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Choice of Display Light and Scene Light Based Conversion in EDIUS — An Example for Instantaneous HDR Production Workflow

Akira Takemoto

In the video industry, efforts are made to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) video for news and live field production where immediate content distribution is necessary. One of such is Sony's ""Instant HDR"" concept, and cameras which can shoot in Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) format are to be brought into the market.

If video is shot in HLG format directly, it can be distributed without any color grading in cases where timing is of the essence.

Then, isn't it possible for Log format cameras like S-Log or V-Log to be used in such fields? Although a Log signal needs to be converted to HLG or Perceptual Quantization (PQ) in order to be displayed on consumer TVs, the conversion itself is not difficult. Leaving live production to one side, we can play out HDR clips with a short time lag after quick editing such as cut & paste, title addition and format conversion by using EDIUS.

But to do so, some points need to be taken into account, for example, the concept of picture tone is different between Log formats and HLG. The Conversion Base setting in the Primary Color Correction has implications based on the difference of the source material.

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